Whole Home

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and convenience in your home with advanced automation and smart home technology. Imagine the luxury of controlling shades, lights, temperature, and your entertainment system from any room, all without having to move an inch.

With just a simple press of the “Away” button as you leave for work, your home can automatically turn off lights, lock doors, arm the security system, adjust the temperature, lower shades, and power down unnecessary devices.

Hosting guests becomes a breeze too. You can effortlessly set the mood of your home – adjusting the lighting, shades, and music – to create the perfect ambiance for entertaining, all without having to dash from room to room.

You can control everything with ease, whether through a user-friendly touchscreen, a remote, a customized keypad, or your mobile device. Smart home technology puts complete control of your house right at your fingertips, making every day more comfortable and convenient.

Common Solutions We Can Apply:

  • Smart Home Control – Centralize and simplify the management of your home’s technology – from lighting and climate to entertainment systems – all from a single, intuitive interface.
  • Centralized Distribution – Streamline your home’s technology systems by centralizing the distribution of audio, video, and other media. This enables easy access and control from any room in the house.
  • Lighting Control – Enhance the ambiance and energy efficiency of your home with automated lighting systems. Customize settings for different times of the day or for specific activities.
  • Audio/Video – Immerse yourself in high-quality audio and video experiences in any part of your home. Whether it’s for entertainment, work, or relaxation, enjoy seamless integration and control.
  • Security – Ensure your home’s safety with integrated security solutions. This includes surveillance cameras, alarms, and smart locks, all controllable from your devices.
  • IT/Telecommunications – Stay connected with robust IT and telecommunications infrastructure. This ensures reliable internet connectivity and communication capabilities throughout your home.